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Net Weight: 2.0lb

Dimensions: 9'' x 10.5'' x 3''



Add the missing piece to your homemade recipes with Rancho Pecana natural pecan halves. You can easily put them in your baking and cooking for an added nutty texture and flavor. These naturally gluten-free pecans are charming and delicious nuts because they provide a crispy, buttery texture and taste. Add them on top of salads, mix them with dried fruits for your own trail mix or use them as toppings on cakes for added depth. The pecan snacks are versatile enough to work for many kinds of cuisine, so you can put them in anything from appetizers to desserts. They come in a resealable bag that stores well in the refrigerator to maintain freshness. These plant-based snacks are low in carbs, which makes them heart-healthy. For convenience, they come in bags that hold roughly seven cups of recipe-ready nuts. Pecan dry fruit reduces cancer risks, heart conditions, inflammation and high blood pressure. These nuts have 3 grams of protein per serving, making them an effective way to get natural plant-based protein. Rancho Pecana Natural Pecan Halves, Crispy Naturally Gluten-Free Pecan Nuts.


* The crispy pecans are a great source of natural plant-based proteins, with 3 grams per serving


* Non-GMO pecan snacks are nutrient-dense products that do not impact the ecosystem or humans


* Heart-healthy snacks provide excellent health benefits with many vitamins and minerals


* Grain-free plant-based snacks reduce inflammation, aid in weight loss, and improve digestion and blood sugar levels


* Naturally, gluten-free protein pecans improve energy levels, eliminate bloating and improve bone health




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